Kucoin Vs Conflux Network trade and Learn to earn CFX token for all user

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Tournament Rules

*Important Note: Click the ‘Register Now button to join the tournament; otherwise, you will not be able to claim the rewards.

To celebrate Conflux (CFX) being listed on KuCoin and invite all KuCoin users to join in the Conflux AMA with KuCoin (10:00-11:00 on April 18, 2022 (UTC)), we will be launching a campaign to give away a reward pool of 460,000 CFX (approximately $80,000) to qualified KuCoin users.

Conflux (CFX) Official Website: https://confluxnetwork.org

Follow Conflux on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Conflux_Network

Join the KuCoin AMA with Conflux, 12,500 CFX to Give Away: https://t.me/Kucoin_News/11151

Activity 1: CFX Trading Competition, Trade To Share a 300,000 CFX (approximately $54,000) Prize Pool!

The top 30 accounts with the highest trading amount (buys + sells) of CFX/USDT on KuCoin will win a share of 300,000 CFX. 

Fully Transparent!The trading leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours.

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Activity 2: Learn and Earn! Pushing the Boundariess of the Multi-chain Era, Share 60,000 CFX.

(Non-trading Activity)

During the campaign period, users who complete the following requirements will be condidered as quilified users:

  1. Visit the Conflux Official website and Github 123Conflux;
  2. Complete the quiz and answer all the questions correctly (users can try it as many times as they want to earn the prize);
  3. Add the CFX/USDT trading pairs to their Favorites list.

KuCoin will randomly choose 600 lucky users (from the above-qualified users) to receive 100 CFX each (approximately 18 USDT)

* Click the ‘Register Now’ button to join the tournament; otherwise, you will not be able to claim the rewards.

Quiz and Answer:

1. What is our Consensus Model ?

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Ans: Hybrid PoW + PoS

2. Which of the following description is NOT true for Conflux eSpace?

Ans: Token standard for Conflux eSpace is ERC

3. Please complete the sentence: Conflux Network’s PoS staking ___ .

Ans: is only open for selected members to run a PoS node

4. How many Conflux Network’s pre-mine CFX are left as ecosystem incentives?

Ans: 2.4B

5. Which dApp supports the cross-chain of USDT from other chains to Conflux eSpace?

Ans: All of above

6. Which dApp supports the cross-chain of CFX from Conflux Core space to Conflux eSpace?

Ans: Cross Space

7. Which CIP introduces Conflux eSpace?

Ans: CIP-90

8. What could potentially threaten Conflux Network security in terms of the PoS side chain?

Ans: A group with more than 67% of the Stake

Activity 3: Participation Reward, Win a Share of a 100,000 CFX Prize Pool! 

During the campaign period, users who complete the following tasks will share a 100,000 CFX prize pool in proportion to their trading amount (buys + sells).

  1. Qualifiers of Activity 2;
  2. Have a trading amount  (buys + sells) that reaches 600 CFX or more.

*The reward for the qualified users other than the Activity 1 winners = (Each user’s trading amount / all qualified users other than the Activity 1 winners’ trading amount) * 100,000 CFX.


  1. Trading amount = buys + sells;
  2. Form for Activity 2: Quiz;
  3. Click the ‘Register Now’ button to join the tournament; otherwise, you will not be able to claim the rewards.
  4. Winners of Activity 1 will not be eligible to receive the Activity 3 rewards;
  5. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days of the campaign ending;
  6. This activity is not related to Apple Inc;
  7. The trading activity on the platform will undergo rigorous inspection during the activity. For any malicious acts conducted during the period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, self-dealing, etc., the platform will cancel the qualification of the participants. KuCoin reserves all rights to exercise at its sole discretion to define if the transaction behavior is counted as cheating behavior and determine whether to cancel the participation qualification of a user. The final decision made by KuCoin is with legal binding force to all participants who participated in the competition. Users hereby confirm that their registration and use of KuCoin is voluntary and is not forced, interfered with, or influenced by KuCoin in any way.
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