Bondex mining app earn unlimited BNDX token daily

Web 3.0 Professional Network for the World of Blockchain

What is Bondex?

Bondex is a web 3.0 Talent Network where users own part of the ecosystem via tokenized rewards.

Bondex Token

BNDX is a utility and governance token; and our native currency. The BNDX tokens will be paid as incentives to reward our users for network participation, referrals, growing our community, content creation, work, vesting.

What we offer

  • Validated Blockchain Professional Network
  • Gamified Talent Exchange
  • Dedicated Information and Education Portal
  • Cross Chain Wallet
  • Tokenized Meritocracy

About us

Bondex began in January 2021. Its founding team members, with proven track records in recruitment and blockchain, HR tech, finance are uniquely qualified to deliver on the company mission

Ref code: CUP6K

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